Direct Investment

We invest directly in companies in a carefully structured manner, ensuring appropriate post-investment monitoring. Unlike funds that must meet predefined investment criteria, our merchant banking structure gives us greater flexibility.

Our investment offers are based on:

  • The appreciation of the management team
  • The business plan
  • Growth potential
  • The competitive positioning of the company and its market
  • The investment monetization strategy

The value of direct involvement in investment opportunities is common to both our firm and members of our investment community. The latter knowing themselves successful in their field, recognize a good deal when it is presented to them.

For our firm, this means constant market observation, with the obligation to consider many situations in order to identify the criteria for a good investment.

In addition, we also understand that unforeseen circumstances are sometimes encountered, as such our team of professionals are able to intervene in cases of adverse situations.

Promissing business project?

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